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Free Web Hosting

Free PHP5 Hosting is one of these few free web hosting companies, which deliver true free hosting with PHP and MySQL support, no forced ads and superb performance and uptime. Sign up for the Chocolate plan - FreeHostia's free hosting plan, if you want to have it all for free with no forced ads and no hidden charges.

Absolutely Free Hosting

If you are trying to find a free web hosting provider, which offers many features and has good uptime, you should definitely choose free-of-cost web hosting service is an appropriate way to construct your online blog on a low budget but it is not the only possibility available. Even on a low budget you can afford to buy a low-priced site hosting account if you settle on a supplier like FreeHostia hosting.

Free Joomla Hosting

Once you have your free Joomla website and a fully featured web hosting plan, all you that is left for you is to publish the content using the neat admin panel provided by Joomla that includes a visual WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor.

Free CMS Hosting

With a free open-source CMS and the free web hosting plan you can easily start your website without having any technical or programming experience. At FreeHostia you can choose between several popular free content management systems, which you can install directly from your web hosting control panel.

Free E-mail Hosting

You can check your e-mail accounts via the user-friendly webmail or you can setup Outlook or any other mail client to access your mail via POP3 or IMAP. With FreeHostia's free hosting plan you get much more than free e-mail hosting - you can setup host up to five web sites - no forced ads, no hidden fees.

Free FTP Hosting

This amazing innovative technology helps minimize expenses and makes it possible for FreeHostia to offer top free web hosting with premium-grade quality.The biggest virtue is that you get a top free web hosting service - this would exclude any expenses associated with having a personal website, a blog, a forum, or even a small-sized company web page.