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Traditionally, the hosting distributors supply many configurations to meet the demands of their clients - from a low-end web server for one single web site to a very powerful architecture that can manage very popular web portals and 1000's of guests at any time. The CPU and disk storage quotas and the database connections can be confined solely by the web server hardware itself.

Dedicated Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Both managed via premium web hosting interface tools.All web site files, databases, electronic mail accounts, access logs and script installations are handled easily via a GUI in a web browser, so no advanced knowledge is required. Given web hosting CPs also comprise a reseller backend tool, so if you order a dedicated hosting

Dedicated vs VPS

Who's the new Hosting King?The web files on the web server can be managed either via a Secure Shell (SSH) connection or via a CP graphical user interface such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Hepsia, etc. There are tens of web hosting Control Panel interfaces in existence, and usually providers provide a couple of them, and with complete root-level access at hand, the customer can activate any of them.

Indian Dedicated Servers Reseller

The .IN ccTLD is the country code top level domain name for India. Its price is $11.50/year only because, as well as other TLDs and ccTLDs, is provided by Resellers Panel - an ICANN Accredited Registrar. The .IN domain name along with whois protection services are available through all the domain name resellers options.

Dedicated Hosting Solutions

A large Facebook-like community portal, or a big YouTube similar video sharing site requires an advanced web hosting platform, which to provide it with high reliability and guaranteed network uptime. Such a site will requires a dedicated server, and such server can be provided by Resellers

Business Dedicated Servers

What is a virtual server in general? How does the VPS system work? Differences between virtual private hosting and dedicated servers. You acquire full root access and can utilize 100% of the physical machine's system resources without anyone else utilizing these system resources and interfering with your websites